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News: Our movie My Best Friend Anne Frank was in week 1 the number 2 most watched movie of  Netflix in the whole world

For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.

This story of Ernest Hemingway of just 6 words has everything in it. Talent United believes in stories for film, television and other media that have it all. And we believe that each project has its own perfect mix of talent necessary to be successful. We initiate, develop and (co-)produce film, television and other media for the Dutch and international market. This website gives an idea of ongoing and completed projects. Member of European Film Academy, NAPA, DAFF (Dutch Academy For Film)  and member of the International Emmy Awards jury.

5 jaar Duivelse Dilemma's .

“It is the team”.

Famous words. So true. It’s the magic of the team and the collaboration with each other, that makes the production. Experience in the world of film, TV series, and documentary is essential.

Emmy nominated CEO Paul Ruven started his career 25 years ago at the Dutch Film Academy, where he co-wrote “Alaska”, which won the Academy Award for best foreign student film. 3 Golden Calf Awards (“the Dutch Oscar”) and 1 Rembrandt Award for the most admissions for a Dutch film in one year (more then 1 million), 3 Golden Film Awards for more than 150.000 cinema visitors, as well as many selections and awards at international Film Festivals, such as Berlin (2 times), a retrospective at Karlo Vivary Film Festival. Creative producer of a successful Dutch crime series (setting up the first season, co-writing 13 episodes and filming it, from scratch until broadcasting for a average 1.3 million viewers within 12 months), producer of more than 60 titles. Netflix acquired the world wide rights of “My best friend Anne Frank”, which he co-produces and co-wrote.

Productions 2020:

MY BEST FRIEND ANNE FRANK – drama 90 minutes, director Ben Sombogaart (Oscar nominee for TWIN SISTERS), co-producer Hans de Weers (Oscar winner for ANTONIA’S LINE), Netflix acquired the world wide rights. Theatrical release date movie in the Netherlands October 2020

CELEBRATE WHAT IS BROKEN – documentary 52 minutes, director Denise Janzee, about artist Bas van Wieringen, whose painting was painted white by accident Commissioning editor Jessica Raspe, broadcaster AVROTROS  (in postproduction)

BEFORE BEDTIME – short film 9 minutes, director Guido Coppis, official selection Imagine Festival 2020, made with the support of the Dutch Film Fund and CineSud

PROJECT X -documentary 80 minutes, director Wilfried Koomen, In-depth research into crime in the Netherlands.   Commissioning editor Jelle Peter de Ruiter. Producer broadcaster KRO NCRV Dokument Yolande van der Blij. Producer Talent United Paul Ruven

LET’S DANCE – dance documentary 85 minutes, an Indy Clan film about the dreams and the inspiring solution of the problems of 80 dancing people.

Productions 2019:

THE NEW PALACE SOESTDIJK – documentary 90 minutes, director Frans Bromet, about the new palace Soestdijk (in production)

MAMA BARANKA REVISITED – documentary 52 minutes, director Robin van Erven Dorens, about Nelson Carillho, who returns to Curacao, busy with his greatest work of art “Rise” after a quote from Nelson Mandela (in production)

HANY ABU-ASSAD: FROM GAZA TO HOLLYWOOD – documentary, 52 min, about the controversial Palestinian director of world famous low budget movies in his country who now is going to direct a Hollywood blockbuster with superstars Kate Winslet and Idris Elba in the ice cold Canadian mountains “The mountain between us”.

OSSIP – documentary 55 min, director Anduo Lucia Kaatee, about the intriguing artist Ossip.

ME TOO – TIME FOR ACTION  drama, 85 minutes, “swipes” (like you do on your smartphone or iPad) between several stories of young and older women who think time’s up, we have to act against sexual abuse. The main storyline is about a Chinese woman who helps loyal other women to finally get justice from unpunished abusers, inspired by Hitchcock’s “Strangers on a train” (for a perfect alibi) and Michael Mann’s “Collateral” (take a cab to justice).

Productions 2018:

THE LAST INTERROGATION – drama 40 minutes, director Jaap van Heusden. Two detectives have eight hours left to get a confession from a young Somali-Dutch terrorism suspect called Mahdi Nurani. He is suspected of preparing an attack, but hard evidence is lacking. How far should they go in sacrificing freedom for safety?

MY NAME IS NOBODY – documentary, 80 min, director Denise Janzee, selected for IDFA 2017. A search for a classmate of film director Sergio Leone and film composer Ennio Morricone in Rome, this film explores the magical aura of fame. A film about fame and the glimmer of living in the shadows.

SOCCER IS WAR – documentary, 85 min, director Hans Heijnen, about the two sides in a little but very ambitious and competitive village that will find their climax in two soccer teams, which divide the little village on any level

THE HUNT FOR MY RAPIST – docudrama, 45 min, about Sylvia Veld. The story of a woman that hunts for her rapist. Sylvia is an ordinary hard-working young woman. Her life changed completely when she was raped by a total stranger. After a spectacular hunt, she managed to lure him into the trap.

Productions 2017:

CESSPIT HOLLAND -documentary 80 minutes, director Wilfried Koomen, In-depth research into environmental crime in the Netherlands. Environmental investigators tell in the documentary ‘Cesspit Holland’ how fraudulent waste companies have been able to operate undisturbed for decades.  Commissioning editor Jelle Peter de Ruiter. Producer broadcaster KRO NCRV Dokument Yolande van der Blij. Producer Talent United Paul Ruven

SEX DING – drama 40 min, director and screenwriter Simone van Dusseldorp, about a young girl whose private picture is posted by her angry friend on the internet (with HUMAN and Mediafonds)

LOST DAUGHTER – drama 40 min, director Martijn Maria Smits, screenwriter Jacqueline Epskamp, about the dilemma of an older couple what to do with a young girl of a refugee, who wants them to keep it  away from the autorities (with HUMAN and Mediafonds)

SAFE – drama, 80 min, director Paul Ruven, screenwriter Mark Gaspercic. The child of the NSA director is kidnapped. They want him to betray the privacy of all citizens and make him the next Edward Snowden with a devious marketing plan. With Fiona Douriff (“Dirk Gently, holistic detective agency”, “True Blood”) and Jason London (“Dazed and confused”).

HOSTAGE X – drama, 85 min, director Paul Ruven, screenwriter Mark Gaspercic.  What if you wake up, you can’t remember who you are and you have 90 minute to find out why these people want to kill you? With Jason London (“Dazed and confused”) and Stefanie Joosten (Silent from “Metal gear solid : The phantom pain”)

Productions 2016:

ROBIN’S ROAD MOVIE– International Emmy 2017 nominated documentary, 52 min, director Simone de Vries, a famous Dutch photographer decides to travel 10.000 miles on a Harley Davidson through the USA to find new inspiration and get rid of her fears

ALPHEN’S DRAMA – documentary, 55 min, director Wilfried Koomen, about the first Columbine shooting in the Netherlands, in a shopping centre in the little village of Alphen

THE CRISIS CARAVAN – drama, 50 min, director Boris Paval Conen, about an idealist who wants to bring food and medicine through enemy lines in Africa

WIBI SOERJADI – documentary, 52 min, director Anne-Marieke Graafmans, about a famous Dutch pianoplayer, a genius, that struggles with his father’s dementia

productions 2015:

MY SON IS JIHADIST – drama, 40 min, director Sander Burger, about the struggle of a father who sees his son radicalizing to a IS warrior

THE PRICE OF THE TRUTH – drama, 40 min, director Danyael Sugawara, about a medical fault: Two IV baby cells are switched in mothers, that have their last chance to get a baby. Should we tell the truth or wait?

SOCCER MILLIONAIR FROM EAST – documentary, 85 min, director Carin Goeijers, about a Dutch-Moroccan soccerplayer in Russia, that misses his family in Holland and Morocco, that wishes he would marry

MARCO: THE WAY BACK– documentary, 80 min, director Denise Janzee, about a famous opera singer, that fell from grace when his car killed a person. He dreams of singing the Mattheus Passion one more time, but if the public will give him that chance?

productions 2014:

MAR EN SIEN – documentary, 35 min, director Marja Kok en Paul Ruven

ZORG OM ZORG – documentary, 52 min, director Frans Bromet

THE LOVE OF MY LIFE –  drama, 40 min, director Boris Paval Conen

THE LOST SON – drama, 40 min, director Jaap van Heusden

TOUCHED – drama, 40 min, director Sander Burger

JOUW RECHT, MIJN RECHT – documentary, 10 X 10 min, director Frans Bromet

THE SURRENDER – drama, 90 min, director Paul Ruven

T.I.M. – drama, 90 min, director Rolf van Eijk

productions 2013:

SYMBIOSIS – drama 40 min, director Mijke de Jong

MI KULPA – drama 40 min, director Sharif Korver

A SECOND CHANCE – drama, 40 min, director Sander Burger

THE FLIGHT CHURCH – drama, 25 min, director Kees Vlaanderen en Paul Ruven

USHI MUST MARRY – drama 90 min, director Paul Ruven

TULA THE MOVIE – drama 90 min, director Jeroen Leijnders

ROBBIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD – drama, 10 X 10 min, director Arnhem & Noel Deelen

productions 2012:

THE BOMBARDEMENT – drama 110 min, director Ate de Jong

KILL ZOMBIE – drama 90 min, director van den Eshof/Smits

MAN IN THE CRECHE – drama 25 min, director Paul Ruven

UNDER THE WEIGHT OF CLOUDS – drama, director Martijn Maria Smits

ACCORDING MAGAZINE “LIBELLE” – documentary 90 min, director Juul Bovenberg

THE GOLDEN MARRIAGE – drama 25 min, director Kees Vlaanderen, Paul Ruven


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